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Guest book

excerpts from the condo's actual Guest Book.

Amanda 10/9-10/11/ 2014

The weather was: A little cloudy but it cleared up soon

Our favorite adventures: My favorite adventures were exploring new neighborhoods, going to the beach, and having fun in the arcade. When I was going through the neighborhoods it started to rain but I had to finish it first. When I was at the beach the water was too cold so all I did was make a sand castle. I also chased some birds. At the arcade I won two frogs, a tiger eraser, bubbles, and a bouncy ball.

Great restaurants we discovered: I did not remember the names but the food was tasty.

Other thoughts to share: I loved how they had a Playstation 2 but it was broken so don't try it. Also thank you for the stuffed animals. They were so cuddly. Just make sure to look at all the stuffed animals closely. the dogfish had a rip in it! also there are more in the closet. Anyway, Thanks for reading this! 

Newman Family 8/9-8/16/2014

The weather was: Great. however we did have quite a storm while we were here which flooded the circle outside over deck. My girls wnet down and stood in teh water. The water went up to my daughters knees and she's 5' 8".

Our favorite adventures: This is our 6th time here and our sixth time going to the Portland Sea Dogs. We did try the Landmark Restaurant which was wonderful. We always love our "Blue Lagoon" Martinis at Surf 6.

Other thoughts to share: Maggie and Joanne as usual we enjoyed ourselves and don't want to go home. We feel this our home away from home. We are so relaxed here. We will see you next August!! Thank you so much for letting us stay at your lovely condo. 

Pallock & Erickson Family 7/19-7/26/2014

The weather was: Wonderful!

Our favorite adventures: We loved going to the beach every day and sitting on the deck and talking our grandson on rides. he was so excited every time a train came by. It was so much fun here. The fireworks were great!

Great restaurants we discovered: "Landmark" was great. the food was cooked perfectly and every-thing was cooked fresh and homemade.

Other thoughts to share: The condo is beautiful and well decorated. It had everything we needed. Just wish check in was a little earlier and check out a little later. Your home is so warm and comfortable. Wish we could do this all summer. Thank you. 

The Tautic Family 7/2-7/5/2014

The weather was: Nice, the thematic waves and rain from Hurricane Arthur (not bad, very quick storm)

Our favorite adventures: Palace Playland, the shops and the Pier. Just walking around. People watching off the deck.

Great restaurants we discovered: Ate in Landry's (food market) was a good place to pick up items we forgot.

Other thoughts to share: Fireworks off balcony were great. The condo was amazingly clean and very well furnished. the kids items (PS2) were appreciated and gave us a break. You were amazingly easy to work with and we plan to come back next year. Thank you for sharing your location with us. 

Lombardi Family 6/13/2014-6/15/2014

The weather was: terrible until we left... thanks

Our favorite adventures: started our day at the pier for a cold beer and some live music from the band. We explored other restaurants and bard in the area and sampled all of the seafood. Our excitement for the night was going on all the rides at Playland then dancing and hanging out with new local friends at the Brunswick.The weather is beautiful today so the plan is beach and lobster all day long!

Great restaurants we discovered: Sunset (next to the Brunswick) for their triple lobster deal! Fried clams at the Brunswick were a nice treat too!

Other thoughts to share: hang out with Billy- the King of Old Orchard Beach- and tell him his looney ladies say hi! We had a wonderful weekend enjoying each other and getting to know the local flava!

The Lorden Family 7/13-7/20/2013

The weather was: Heat wave!

Our favorite adventures: People watching from the deck and just hanging at the beach.

Other thoughts to share: Love this place! Has every thing anyone could need and a great view. Hopefully we will be able to return soon. Thank you for allowing us to rent this great unit. 

Stephen & Lisa, Lori & Lauren 6/19-6/23/2013

The weather was: The Best! We couldn't have asked for better!

Our favorite adventures: We went to the zoo, spent a lot of time on the beach, played games, watched movies * nana got swept away in the waves and got all wet! it was so funny!

Great restaurants we discovered: Bills' Pizza!! The pizza could feed an army! It was just really good!

Other thoughts to share: The whole trip was so relaxing and we spent a lot of time together. We couldn't have asked for a better room! IT was just enough space. It felt like we could live here!

The Pomento Family 09/28-09/30/2012

The weather was: Rainy and raw

Our favorite adventures: running/walking in the Portland Marathon. I was our first and despite the weather it was wonderful. It was so nice to have the pool and #210 to recover in. Everything was great.

Great restaurants we discovered: Landmark-outstanding butternut squash soup.

Other thoughts to share: We loved being together as a family in this warm and welcoming space. Thank you. 

Saucier, Dow, Huckins, Gildea, and Zaba 08/25-08/27/2012

The weather was: Absolutely gorgeous.

Our favorite adventures: The four couples go away once a year to be together so we walked back and forth to the beach, checked out the carnival, but basically spent the entire weekend on the porch. It was sooooo perfect.

Other thoughts to share: We love Harrods! Although found out ice is cheaper right downstairs oops! Your unit in our opinion is the best. We had the ocean and the sights thank you so much for a beautiful weekend. 

The Mercik , Roy & Boilard Family 08/18-08/25/2012

The weather was: Sunny and warm.

Our favorite adventures: Enjoying the beach, eating appetizers on the beach early evening, having all the different restaurants and shops nearby.

Other thoughts to share: We really enjoyed the condo and how it had everything you needed. Enjoyed all the different "comfy" chairs on the deck. 

The Newman Family 08/4-08/11/2012

The weather was: Excellent!

Our favorite adventures: We went to the Best of Everything in Kennebunkport and the Zoo in York. Other then that we just hung out at the beach and just relaxed before our daughters wedding that will be in two weeks.

Great restaurants we discovered: We loved the pizza from Roma.

Other thoughts to share: Once again we had a wonderful time. It's so much fun spending time with our family and friends. I love coming to this condo because it's move in ready, so when we open the door we know that our vacation has started. Thank you Maggie! we will see you again next summer!

... Oh and I love the lounge chairs on the deck 

The Vaillancourt Family 06/23-06/26/2012

The weather was: Deuse Belles Journeis et une de pluie

Our favorite adventures: Etre en famille dans un belendroit Tres acceuillant. Merci

Other thoughts to share: Avoir une autre Cle (3)

The Wills and the Becktolds 06/07-06/11/2012

The weather was: Good. We had some lovely sunny days but the nights got a bit chilly and rainy.

Our favorite adventures: The beach was wonderful even though the water was pretty cold. But it's perfect for a walk or run on the beach early int he morning. We also loved our relaxing mornings and evenings drinking coffee on the balcony. Just a wonderfully relaxing few days.

Great restaurants we discovered: Chrys's Greek Restaurant! It's right across the street and absolutely fantastic! We ate there the two nights we had dinner in town. It is a "must go to" restaurant. They even have baklava ice-cream that is to die for!

Other thoughts to share: If you're here for a long while, you must stop in at Board Silly. This great little ship has tons of puzzles and board games that everyone will love.

Other thoughts to share: If you're here for a long while, you must stop in at Board Silly. This great little ship has tons of puzzles and board games that everyone will love.

The Sherwood's 05/25-05/28/2012

The weather was: Great for 3 out of 4 days!! Memorial Day weekend was real special!!

Our favorite adventures: "Eating" Lobster and "drinking" champagne. Visiting family in Biddeford- haven't been back here since 1993. Got this trip as Wedding Anniversary (40th) gift- was worth every penny!! Went to Camden and ate at Cappy's.

Great restaurants we discovered: Captains Gally- Surf 6. Oceanside Grill was the "Best"

Other thoughts to share: Grand Victorian condo was more than expected! Wonderful accommodations to stay!! We would definitely love to come back and bring the whole family.

The Ricker Family 04/19-04/22/2012

The weather was: Good for the most part.

Our favorite adventures: Going to the beach. Our little granddaughter started really walking while we were here. AWESOME!

Great restaurants we discovered: Beach Bagels.

Other thoughts to share: Really relaxed and enjoyed being away- you have made this condo very comfy and homey. Thank you for sharing.

The Martmath Family 08/31-09/02/2011

The weather was: typical end of summer warm days chilly nights.

Our favorite adventures: Watching Red Sox and Yankees with my 92 year old mom (avid Red Sox fan).

Great restaurants we discovered: WE love to cook in- your wonderful kitchen! Grab some fresh seafood from Bailey's always a Seafood casserole- yummy.

Other thoughts to share: Thanking God for such great fortunes... to stay in a beautiful condo with my family and create more wonderful memories.

PS Yankees won so my mom lost her bet with me!! Yahoo

The Cooper Family 08/31-09/02/2011

The weather was: Perfect!

Our favorite adventures: Watching the "carnival show" lights. Seafood supper with our family, riding the waves, relaxing on the beach and the shops.

Other thoughts to share: Wonderful time with 4 generations. Brett and grams hanging out on the deck.... priceless!

GWE "Girls Weekend" 08/20-08/23/2011

The weather was: The best!

Our favorite adventures: Julia's "50th" B-day, Dancing at Bernie's Beach Club; Lobster Roll's by the Pier entrance; Hanging at the beach with each other; pizza at Roma's; played Scruples we found here and realized a lot- we don't have any... lol Henna tattoos, Psychic Readings; "LCR"; Coloring Ann's hair blonde.

Great restaurants we discovered: See above.

The Newman Family 08/13-08/20/2011

The weather was: The weather was Perfect!

Our favorite adventures: We went to the Sea Dogs game... and they won! We played some mini golf and some real golf. My son-in-law who just came back from a 6 month deployment had a great time doing Karaoke on the Pier.

Other thoughts to share: Enjoyed our time here! Vacations go by to fast. We will be back next year... we love this condo!!

The Turpins, Nicaleks, and Bellinos 08/01/2011

The weather was: 80 and sunny in afternoon

Our favorite adventures: Sitting on the deck especially the night of the fire works.

Great restaurants we discovered: Surf Six, Sunset grill- best burgers- Gelato- downstairs amazing and the food down stairs was just like home made and reasonable.

Other thoughts to share: Big family vacation- stayed in 2 condo's. Hope to be back. Place is decorated very tastefully and stocked well compared to one of the other condo's we stayed in. Great job.  

The Tatro Family 07/23-07/30/2011

The weather was: 98 degrees Saturday when we arrived.

Great restaurants we discovered: The Good Table.

Other thoughts to share: Wonderful weather, good company and excellent accommodations.

The Hansons, Armstrongs, and Rigolis 06/25-07/02/2011

The weather was: Great! Some clouds temp 72-78 rain late one night.

Our favorite adventures: Kids Lip fishing, Joseph's by the Sea for dinner, The beach everyday. Sitting on the balcony early am is so relaxing and great watching all the activity at night. Kids loved the Play Land.

Great restaurants we discovered: Rocco pizza is best. Pier fried dough good- Dunkin Dounts always great!

Other thoughts to share: We traveled from Iowa to share vacation with our daughter's family who live in NH. Rich and I enjoyed our grand kids Eli and Alexa and watching them at the beach. The condo was plenty roomy for 5 adults and 3 children. Laundry facilities great- great kitchen! We will be back as soon as possible. 

The Strenk Family 06/18-06/25/2011

The weather was: Great so far! Hoping it continues for Friday and the hot air balloon annual festival!

Our favorite adventures: The beach, the beach, the beach!! People watching on THE BEST DECK at the Victorian! FAMOUS DAVE'S RIBS in Scarborough.

Great restaurants we discovered: Famous Dave's - Scarborough. Fruit Stand take out cooked lobsta, Wormwoods.

Other thoughts to share: Felt like coming "home" as my 17 year old niece so accurately pronounced on arrival! lots of excitement for teen-age girls. 82 & 83 year old parents enjoy the "entertainment" from the deck. AND the VIEWS!!

Always a great time and awesome condo!

Wally, Michelle, Tyler, Michael, and Mammie 03/09-03/13/2011

Great restaurants we discovered: Ri- Ra Irish Pub (Authentic) Portland

Other thoughts to share: Family Re-union

A week ago I was in Afghanistan finishing my tour the one thing that kept me going was the thought of seeing the people I love and coming home to the beach when we opened the door to the condo it hit me that I was truly home.

The Thomas' and Keadaeskis 10/08-10/11/2010

The weather was: Perfect weather for a fall wedding- gorgeous!

Our favorite adventures: Just being together with family and friends- being near the ocean and of course THE wedding of our daughter, Kelly to her beloved Jeremy!

Other thoughts to share: We were thrilled when we walked through the door- just our style! The condo is lovely- thank you for letting us have the Friday night shindig here! It will be a weekend to remember! 

The Jones and Hess Party 09/17-09/20/2010

The weather was: Beautiful!

Our favorite adventures: Kite flying and walking on the beach, people watching from the balcony.

Great restaurants we discovered: Steak House in Wells, ME.

Other thoughts to share: Condo is great- very comfortable!

The Stanleys and LaPratts 09/04-09/06/2010

The weather was: Beautiful, sunny, not too hot and not too cold.

Our favorite adventures: We had a lot of fun at the park across the street. We also loved the York Zoo.

Great restaurants we discovered: Myst, right downstairs, it was easy and the food was great.

Other thoughts to share: We had a wonderful time in your fabulous condo. Thank you so much. 

The Andersons and Lancervias 08/28-09/04/2010

The weather was: Beautiful

Our favorite adventures:Rippin Lips boating excursion-

                                          The beach and pool-

                                          the amusement park

                                          Kittery Outlet Center

Great restaurants we discovered: Ken's and A lace all the way down East Grand (Pine Point?) past the Red lobster next to a coop. A little divey looking but good food.

Other thoughts to share: Wonderful time

Fabulous Unit

Thank you! 

The Collins Family 08/25-08/28/2010

The weather was: Rain, sun, sun.

Our favorite adventures: Fishing off the sand bar at Pine Point.

Great restaurants we discovered: The Clam Bake.

The Kirpatrick Family 08/21-08/25/2010

The weather was: Chilly and rainy, but it was a nice break form the heat in Virginia.

Our favorite adventures: Just hanging out at Palace Playland and the beach with the kids. The highlight for us was watching the 50's concert (Special Olympics fundraiser) from our balcony. Wonderful show- we even save a crazy Elvis impersonator withe the jumpsuit and cape!

Great restaurants we discovered: The lobster stand near Rite

Aid provided us with great lobsters to cook in the condo ourselves. So yummy!

Other thoughts to share: Had a great time even though the weather didn't cooperate this visit. We love staying in this unit because the kitchen is well stocked with all the cooking equipment I use. Nice job on the sofa upgrade.

The Newman Family 08/14-08/21/2010 edit title.

The weather was: Perfect!

Our favorite adventures: Just relaxing at the beach. Sitting on the balcony playing cards with our girls. People watching. 2 of our daughters use the salon next door and loved it. We went to a Sea Dog game and really enjoyed ourselves and they won 9-8. We didn't get hit by fly balls.

Great restaurants we discovered: Dogfish cafe in Portland. near where Sea Dogs play.

Other thoughts to share: Maggie, again we had such a wonderful time at this condo. I wish we didn't have to leave! It's not that often that my husband and I can get all our girls together in one place. We truly feel right at home the minute we come through the door. 

The Berens Family 8/7-8/14, 2010

The weather was: Perfect! 80's and sunny all week.

Our favorite adventures: Beach Days! Building big sandcastles! Palace Playland, Fireworks on Thursday from the balcony- Beautiful! Pier Fries- A must! Walks on the beach. Trips to Portland lighthouse-beautiful. Ogunquit shops!

Great restaurants we discovered: Mulligans- downtown Biddeford

Other thoughts to share: Thank you Maggie! This place is beautifully decorated, clean and very comfortable- we all enjoyed ourselves!

The Ovaskainen Family 7/31-8/7, 2010

The weather was: Amazing!!! 6 days of sun out of 7! That left 1 day for shopping.

Our favorite adventures: Walks on the beach and playing in the waves! The kids loved the Amusement park. The Marginal Way in Ogunquit was amazing and relaxing.

Great restaurants we discovered: Joseph's By the Sea. Good and healthy. Beautiful view. The Landmark is another favorite.

Other thoughts to share: Don't forget the fireworks on Thursdays. You'll have a great view from the balcony. Lattes from downstairs are excellent. Thank you Maggie for being so nice. 

The Sperry, Brown, and Castro Family 7/24-7/31, 2010

The weather was: Gorgeous- 7 days of sunshine!

Our favorite adventures: The beach... The waves... the life! People watching on the deck, the rides, jogging in the peaceful morning... shopping and ice-cream! Does it get better? I loved running right into the waves! The amusement park was great especially the roller coaster!

Great restaurants we discovered: Sunset Grill on West Grand, you can walk! Clambake restaurant-great for kids. I recommend the fried shrimp- anywhere!

Other thoughts to share: The condo was beautiful-a lovely home. Tasteful decor, yet homey. Much thought was given. more was appreciated. Thank you for a great visit!!

The Tatro and Monteleone Family, 7/17-7/24, 2010

The weather was: Beautiful

Other thoughts to share: This home is amazing, homey, but decorated beautiful. 

Mandie & Candie, July, 2010

The weather was: Crazy!

Our favorite adventures: Going on the roller coaster. 

The Alden Sisters, July, 2010

The weather was: Marvelous with the occasional rip tide.

Our favorite adventures: Shuffleboard, puzzle-making, death bride and George Lopez, sleeping with the train running through, Cape Elizabeth, whoopie pies, LOBSTAH!!!

Great restaurants we discovered: Our kitchen and places with Lobster Rolls.

Other thoughts to share: Cheesy Fries are Amazin! and take advantage of riding bikes. 

The Iannone and Taft Family 7/3-7/5, 2010

The weather was: Amazing Sunshine and clear skies the whole time.

Great restaurants we discovered: Surf 6- great food  

The Balfes and the Grant Family 6/18-6/21, 2010

The weather was: Nice, but a little chilly at times.

Our favorite adventures: The sushi down below the condo is amazing. Also the morning walks across the beach. because it smells nice and the view was perfect off the porch to look at the beach. The most favorite adventure was Drop Zone, Adrenaline, Galaxi, and Moby Dick across the street at the park, but another favorite of the park was the Eoro slide.

Great restaurants we discovered: Ken's and Pier Fries. Pier Fries were literally the best fries our group ever had.

Other thoughts to share: Maine, Kennebunkport, Old Orchard Beach, and Portland are beautiful places to go out on duck and trolley tours. Stay out on your porch a lot. Georgia people rule. 

The Newman Family 6/10-6/13, 2010

The weather was: Sunny then overcast (but the overcast didn't bother us at all)

Our favorite adventures: Walking around Portland and Old Orchard. Really just hanging out with the girls and laughing.

Great restaurants we discovered: Roma Pizza in Old Orchard, Walters in Portland.

Other thoughts to share: We loved the condo, the way it was decorated.We all felt very homey and comfortable. We loved sitting around the table to play games and talking. We may be back next year!!

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